New Year, New Habits

In case you weren’t aware, this week marks the Jewish New Year, the first day of fall, and (most importantly) my birthday tomorrow! With all of these changes — and hopefully the soft launch of my new site in the next day or two — I’ve decided to recommit to getting back in shape, both mentally and physically. As you’ve probably heard, it take 21 days to form a new habit. So I whipped up a nifty chart to mark off all of my successful gym days (and it matches the new site, of course!)

Feel free to download and print…and post progress pics as you get through your 21 days! 21 Days to Fab  | Lindsay Goldner Creative

Moodboard: Feminine Pastels

Going all out with the pretties for Moodboard Monday this week. I was inspired by pretty pastels and feminine, swoosh-filled scripts to make this week’s board!

Pastel & Feminine Moodboard via Lindsay Goldner

Shiny New Resume!

Being a graphic designer, I’m 100% against giving a prospective employer  a boring, Times New Roman, black and white resume. Plus, being a freelancer, I’ve found that highlighting my skills and a few past/current gigs has been way more effective than spelling out every single past client in a “traditional” format. To go along with my big ole rebrand (new site coming soon!), I thought I should update my resume to match! Here’s how it looks now…


Lindsay Goldner Resume

Magnificent Moodboards!

First off, apologies to the rest of the country but OMG IT’S HOT HERE. We’re having a heat wave this week and hooo boy no air conditioning in the new place!

Speaking of the new place, the move is done and I’m in the dreaded unpacking stage. I have a lot of walls to decorate, so I’m searching for great artwork (not to mention some creative kitchen storage solutions). Pictures to come once it’s not box city!

On the design front, I’ve been working on some super fun projects with (as always) great clients. Here are a couple moodboards that I’ve made for people recently… bright colors are BIG right now!

Rock Steady Strategy moodboard by Lindsay Goldner Creative

Making a House a Home moodboard by Lindsay Goldner Creative

May 2014 Wallpaper

It’s been insane (again) lately- work changes, doing Ash Ambirge’s Six Appeal Process course, moving to Mar Vista next week…yikes. Oh, and I was in Boston for a brisk 72 hours this past weekend. While sick. It was adventure-filled.

Anyways, it’s May (holy shit) which means it’s time for a brand spanking new wallpaper. Have at it, you know what to do.

May 2014 Wallpaper by Lindsay Goldner

1024 x 768 // 1280 x 720 // 1280 x 960 

1366 x 768 // 1600 x 900

Color Inspiration: Game of Thrones Promos

I know that no one wants to think about winter anymore but…WINTER IS COMING! In case you’ve been living in a cave, tonight is the much-anticipated (at least by me!) Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere. Before you scarf down the popcorn and wait for the next of your favorite characters to get offed (thanks, George)- check out these color palettes inspired by some unbelievable fan art promo posters!

Game of Thrones Palette by Lindsay Goldner

Game of Thrones Palette by Lindsay Goldner

Game of Thrones Palette by Lindsay Goldner

Game of Thrones Palette by Lindsay Goldner

Game of Thrones Palette by Lindsay Goldner


Image source here.


Just My Type: TypeEd

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending an 8-hour long workshop called “Setting the Table,” on one of my favorite things in the entire world: typography. Super nerdy, right? And in the best way possible.

The workshop was held at TypeEd (and yes, their site is gorgeous) in Downtown  LA, and taught by my friend Shannon, who runs a local design studio with her husband. The workshop itself was about designing with typography, and focused on creating a cookbook in particular, because cookbooks have all sorts of crazy type needs. Think: headlines, ingredients, step-by-step instructions, the works. Our assignment for the day was to create 2 spreads for a fictional cookbook using the branding of a real restaurant (Oinkster, in Silverlake.)


I came into the workshop thinking that it’d be a bit out of my comfort zone, but that I could totally rock it. Holy cow, did I underestimate the caliber of people who’d be there, both teaching/critiquing and doing the workshop along with me! Turns out this was the most advanced workshop they’d offered at TypeEd so far– and as a relative n00b to design and fully self-taught, I had a ton to learn! Luckily for me, everyone was patient and had great feedback, which helped so much! Shannon began the class with a great overview of binding, printing options, layouts…basically everything you’d need to know the basics on before creating a printed project like a cookbook.

The best part of the class, for me, was the “crits” or critiques, when the Type Ed staff (3 total, including Shannon), hung up our in-progress layouts and led a discussion of things that each design was doing well and areas that needed improvement. Not only was it great to get direct feedback from seasoned designers on my own work, but it was so inspiring to see what the other ladies taking the class had done with their layouts. We all had the same exact resources to work with, but went in drastically different directions!

For people just starting to explore typography or who are self taught (like me!), I’d 110% recommend working your way up to the more advanced classes and starting with their Basics workshop. The schedule of upcoming classes is here. If you know your way around a ragged right and can kern with the best of them, though, their more advanced classes like Whisky Type might be right up your alley (typography pun intended.) All in all, it was an inspiring and incredibly educational experience, exactly the type of design course I’ve been searching for since I started on this journey. As far as typography classes goes, Setting the Table definitely wasn’t (and isn’t intended to be) an introductory class. But for designers with a strong knowledge of typography basics and InDesign, this class is an amazing opportunity to work outside of your normal realm and get super creative with a fun side project. It was small, with great information and 1-on-1 advice from the instructors, with a fun curriculum. I will absolutely be taking more of their classes, and if you’re in the LA area, I’d love to see you there!


Project: Nice Notes for Amber McCue

The past 6 months, I worked with Amber McCue doing her Freshly Implemented program, an amaaazing combination of mastermind group, mentoring/coaching, and crazy good community. When B-School rolled around the corner, Amber said that she was going to be an affiliate for the program. As her sign-up bonus, Amber wanted to offer her version of B-School “Cliff’s Notes.” Using that as a starting point, we worked together to create a branded campaign around the theme “Back to B-School” for her affiliate signups. For the proposal, I created a moodboard inspired by vintage schoolrooms. From there, I created Facebook covers and graphics using Amber’s photos and copy, and created a mini brand for her Nice Notes collateral, inspired by No. 2 pencils!

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner

Nice Notes by Lindsay Goldner