Mommy Makeover

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It may be time for that Mommy Makeover

I am starting to notice that the mommy makeover is becoming a very popular procedure that a few of my girlfriends are budgeting for these days. Being a Mom and having gone through a few brutal seasons of pregnancy I might need a little help from a local plastic surgeon here in the Washington DC area.

I started to do some research and found it imperative for all of us to understand that a Mommy Makeover is not a weight loss procedure. It is best suited for women that are in relatively good shape, so you still need to get your fat butt to the gym and eat right. Additionally, a Mommy Makeover would not be recommended for you if you still plan to get pregnant or you need to lose a significant amount of weight.

What is it?

Please rebuild me like this

The Mommy Makeover (check out WebMD) term is frequently used in describing the rejuvenation of a woman’s abdomen and breasts. Those are areas where I truly need help, and why I remain anonymous as I talk about all this personal information. Remember it’s more accurate and honest when I’m not worried about what you all think of me.

The primary goal of this procedure is addressing the frequent changes that happen with your body following multiple pregnancies. Your breasts sag like a 3-week old party balloon, your abdomen has that bulging look, there’s lots of excess skin and the stretching, oh the stretching.

I believe that, even as a desk-bound blogger of a woman, I’m in overall good health and would make a good candidate to undergo this procedure. However, even in good health, I have read that the procedure might be done in two stages. This will greatly depend on the number of areas that will need to be sculpted by your master cosmetic surgeon.

What happens during the procedure?

The abdomen and breasts are the major areas that will be under the attention of your surgeon. My breasts need a good lifting and inflating from all the volume lose. I might be a good candidate for implants. Those 3 to 4 daily meals took a toll working harder than Gordon Ramsey in Hells Kitchen. On the other hand, if your breasts have become excessively large and are causing you some level of discomfort they can be reduced to a comfortable size.

Addressing the saggy stretchy abdomen can be done with an abdominoplasty procedure. This is where your muscles will be tightened to strengthen your midsection and slightly narrow your waist. The might also tighten the excess skin on your lower abdomen to remove the stretch marks.

Best time for a Mommy Makeover

If you are planning to bring home more little angels to run around the house, it is best if you wait a while especially if you underwent the abdominoplasty procedure. Nevertheless, not to worry, it is possible to get pregnant after an abdominoplasty. Just consult your doctor, for I imagine the final results will not to look as good. I think this is obvious since the tissues in your abdominal will be stretched again due to the pregnancy. And we don’t need you turning into a plastic surgery horror show leaving you bound to a one-piece bathing suit the rest of your life.

Really plan this out for the best results. You want to look great and sexy again. Make sure you are done with making munchkins and that you have gotten yourself in reasonably good shape and have achieved a desirable and stable weight. With that done, start trolling your Facebook friends for a good recommendation for a top-notch plastic surgeon.

Breast Cancer and Your Diet

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I recently read a number of articles on the connection between diet and breast cancer. From my motto, you are what you eat, let’s look at what I found.

Cancer has, in the past thirty years, become a major matter of the health field. While incidents of cancer are not on the rise, what was once a near certainly fatal disease has been not only treatable but with increasing knowledge of human biology, preventable. While many scientists will correctly point out that there are many, many factors behind an occurrence of any cancer, some of them even a matter of unchangeable genetics, it is a fact that people with healthier lifestyles are less likely to find themselves with a case of cancer anywhere in their bodies.

Eating-HeathlyThis is true even of breast cancer, a matter of great concern to every woman. Breast cancer may have a number of causes, none of which are adequately understood at this time, though research into this reasonably relevant field is ongoing. Most researchers are relatively confident that genetics can be a major factor in the development of breast cancer. Even anecdotal evidence seems to support it; most women who develop breast cancer can recall a mother or grandmother who also developed the disease. However, other factors ranging from pollutants in the environment to unhealthy weights and lack of exercise seem to affect incidents of breast cancer as well.

No diet in the world will totally prevent breast cancer, but a healthier diet has been known to lower excessive body weight (which some research hints may be a factor in the development of breast cancer) and improve survival rates for women who do develop the disease. Over the years, some fundamental tenants of a healthy diet likely to reduce the odds of breast cancer have emerged. Again, while diet is a factor in susceptibility to breast cancer, it is not the sole factor, and all women should maintain proper medical care, including self-examinations and consulting medical professionals.

It cannot be stated enough that fast food should be avoided to maintain a healthy body. Fast food, even “light” and “healthy” options are notoriously high in calories and unhealthy fats, neither of which the human body needs to those excesses. Cutting fast food out of your diet entirely will lower your weight relatively quickly, which research indicates may well play a role in the development of breast cancer and the mortality rates of breast cancer. Exercise of any shape or variety should go with this plan as well, as an active body is less likely to develop breast cancer.

Beyond the removal of fast food, some foods are helpful in maintaining a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables are essentials, whatever strain of plants they are it’s best to keep them fresh. Most experts recommend a goodly amount of fruits and vegetables to the tune of 2 and 1/2 cups as an excellent approach to get vitamins that seem to play a role in protecting the body’s balance. Whole grains are also very healthy, useful in maintaining weight and balancing out the body; 100 percent whole-grain products such as cereals and bread are good ideas, as is brown rice, quinoa and millet.

To get your protein, most experts suggest that women cut back on red meat and processed meat. Chicken and fish are preferred meats and are ideally grilled or baked rather than fried. Another option for getting protein is the consumption of beans, as well as certain high protein grain and dairy products such as Greek yogurt. Consuming bad fats is also a less than ideal for surviving breast cancers, particularly from fat rich deli meats, fried foods, doughnuts, red meat, margarine, full-fat dairy and poultry skins.

Conversely, stock up on good fats, specifically polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that the human body needs to function. Some foods rich in these good fats are avocados, olives, nuts, natural nut butter and canola and olive oils. Finally, limiting alcohol intake seems to keep the body in better shape and better able to protect against all kinds of cancer; women are suggested to have only one drink or ideally less a day to help protect against cancer. While research continues into this often fatal disease, some information has emerged, and it indicates that a healthy diet can be critical for allowing women to prevent and survive breast cancer.