Out of the Ordinary

I don’t normally do this, but Erin over at Design for Mankind is a) the cutest thing ever and b) giving away the piece of technology that would complete my tech trifecta of awesomeness, an ipad.

Even my PARENTS have one… I think it’s time for karma to kick in and send something good my way again (ya hear that, karma?)

Anyways, you get extra special extra entries if you blog about it. And since I don’t really have time right now for a full-on blog post I figured, hell, why not? Plus, it’ll send more traffic to Erin’s ridiculously amazeballs blog. So go to her blog… look around… but don’t enter the contest. And if you do and you win, you’d better send that baby my way ;)

I made a picture to show you how much I’m lusting after one.

oh ipad, you will be mine... someday



  • Erin

    thanks, linz — good luck!

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