The Best Marriage Equality Memes

Yesterday and today have been watershed moments in the history of the US, as the Supreme Court listened to arguments regarding California’s Prop 8, a ballot measure banning same-sex marriage, and on the (hopeful) repeal of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, which at its core refuses to recognize same-sex marriage for all federal purposes (benefits, immigration, even joint tax returns). On Monday night, people started changing their profile pictures to a pink and red version of the HRC logo in solidarity with marriage equality, and by Tuesday, I was so proud to see that many of my Facebook friends (myself included) had done the same. Even those who didn’t were sharing the image and quotes about love and equality.

From a social media and branding standpoint, it’s been fascinating to see how the original image has changed and gone viral in so many different ways, and also exciting to see brands supporting marriage equality on their Facebook pages too… check out all of the images after the jump!

Bert & Ernie via HRC Facebook

The Lion King via HRC Facebook

Les Miserables via HRC Facebook

Paula Deen via George Takei

Lady Liberty and Lady Justice via Visible Friends

Bacon Equality via TheOatmeal

Grumpy Cat via George Takei

And the brands who showed their support (kudos!) equality

Via on Facebook

knockknock equality

Via Knock Knock on Facebook

martha stewart equality

Via Martha Stewart Living on Facebook

Via Poppin on Facebook

Via True Blood on Facebook

(This was a surprise!) Via Bud Light on Facebook

Via Smirnoff on Facebook

Via Absolut US on Facebook

Via Visually on Facebook

What other great equality memes have you seen popping up? Have you seen more brands coming out in support? Leave your links in the comments!

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