All About Linz

Hello and welcome to my little niche of the interwebs! I’m Lindsay Goldner (aka Linz), a 5′ tall, 25-year old, born and raised Californian. I have two degrees from UC Berkeley (go bears!) in English and American Studies.

LinzLovesYou is the culmination of many years of blogging on Livejournal, Blogspot, and Myspace (shudder). Here, I write about lifestyle, design, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I love forming relationships with bloggers, brands and small businesses whose missions and products I’m passionate about, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, even if it’s just to say hi!

A few interesting things about me:

  • Design: I’m super creative & love anything that requires me to use that side of my brain. Out of that creative bent (ie, addiction) my design studio was made… where I help unconventional small businesses and creative entrepreneurs reach success through kickass branding and design solutions.
  • Creativity (pt 2): I’m a tech fiend, and love working with technology (hellooo, Macs!) and would rather do anything creative than crunch numbers. Writing, editing, social media, and event planning are some of my favorite side hobbies.
  • Personality: While I’m small, I’m also fiesty and highly-opinionated (in a good way). I will fight for things I believe in and do the best work I possibly can! I also have a ton of ideas crammed into my brain, so watch out- I may bombard you with a gazillion things that I think are completely harebrained but totally awesome.
  • Life: I have a cat named Finn who’s my roommate and coworker. Someday, my home will be decorated with a combination of modern kitsch and hip vintage (another passion of mine- diy projects!)…and will have a library with a sliding ladder and hidden door… see my life list.
  • Random facts: Broadway tunes and Top 40 songs are always on the top of my playlists. I have a strange knowledge of random trivia, enjoy the bizarre world of online dating, have 2 tattoos– so far– and love playing tourist in my hometown of Los Angeles.

Oh, and here’s a face to put to the name:

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